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www.dallasbathtubrefinishing.com Dallas Bathtub Refinishing has serviced the local Dallas area since 1992. I am an owner / operated business that specializes in bathtub, shower and tile refinishing. As technology has advaced the science of refinishing I have found other refinishers rely on bonding primers, instead of etching techniques combined with molecular bonding primers. Fusion Finish process involves old school etching, or exposing the pores thru techniques I have used for over 20 years combined with new molecular bonding technology.Bathtub Reglazing does not describe the level of quality that goes into Fusion Finish. Unlike bathtub refinishing, DallasBathtubRefinishing.com penetrates the old surface to chemically weld a new surface into the old, DallasBathtubRefinishing.com uses the Fusion Finishprocess which is an upgraded bathtub refinishing process by making the new and old surface an integral part of the bathtub. Other refinishers will never duplicate the results achieved through the fusion finish process with epoxy paint.Synthetic porcelain bathtub refinishing Dallas.

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